Greatest Hits: Volume XXXVII

by Flannel Response

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released June 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Flannel Response Cleveland, Ohio

Flannel Response style morphs—from Gregorian Chant to Heavy Metal to Jam Band to Prog Rock to Eastern European to Country to Dixieland Jazz and the strange things in between. We try to take interesting aspects from these musical ideas and meld them into a super genre of music.

We love to play live because every show is different.

Flannel Response frequently practices with animal heads on.
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Track Name: SLIMAX
Let's go see SLIMAX
let's go to the under world then
Growl to a vast whole
drink fresh in a can champagne

Ahhh ah Ahhh ah Ahhh ah

He seeps into my opus
change seeming really hard down there
She screams translucently
she's broken like a wet twang

Ahhh ah Ahhh ah Ahhh ah

Let's go see SLIMAX
let's go to the under world then
Growl to a vast whole
drink fresh in a can champagne
Track Name: Major Effer
Many great souls are asleep in the deep
so hold fast, now full sail, a loss to the green
while our bones may creek. . .

We will find our home.
Track Name: Slick Member
Remember. . .

Slick member.
Aw. Slick member. Remember?
Slick member. Remember?
Remember. Slick member.

Track Name: Wrenfrew
Waiting in the town heights Wrenfrew sits under street lights
stuffing cotton wads and forgotten gods into his crystal vial
A man of diminutive stature he's a trained patchouli thatcher
His unkempt hair and his inept stare circumscribe his twisted smile

Suddenly a car pulls into view and Wrenfrew knows he's through
when a tax collector and a facts correcter accost him in the street
He trips as they race to follow him and rips the space-time continuum
tumbling headlong, mumbling dead songs he walks without his feet

His exposed skin begins to freeze bliss next rose within his disease
a chorus of lepers with thesaurus rhettor chant throughout his head
A flock of thoughts invades his mind as Wrenfrew's clock evades the time deep in the pocket asleep in the frog net with brand new doubts instead

They'll never catch me now he thinks (he thinks) as he melts and flows and sinks a harrowing tale a narrow exhale the headstrong became insane
Wrenfrew rises from his mystical haze navigating the whimsical maze acid dreaming flaccid meaning the song remains the same.
Track Name: The Ballad of Buffalo Terry
Out in the west where a man can be free
There once was a man named Buffalo Terry
One look at him wrong would seal your doom
Now it's high noon

A man is most bad when he wants to be killed
It makes him most mad when his own blood is spilled
Now the horses are dead and so are the men
Ride again