For The Birds

by Flannel Response

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This Album has been a long time coming. It features old songs like Saturday Mourning Cartoons (one of our first tunes ever) and experimental songs like Numbar 19 (incorporating machine synths). It was a real bitch to do all ourselves, but here it is.

There are so many that helped us along the way to make this album and we'd like to show our thanks.


Thanks to my family and friends who have supported us, and to the many musicians we've had the honor of sharing the stage with.


I thank the following, for you had some hand in helping this album along whether you know it or not:

Audrey and Robert Ricciardi , Brother and Sister, and the rest of my Family, Frank Prpic and all the clan at the Center For Rock Research, Jerome Clatot, Josh Cable, Puskas Family, Drew Sage Audio, Shawn Mishak, The Beils, Neal Dare Waves, and All the Flannel Fans for support! Now for the non-humans: Sheetz, Don Tequila, Negra Modelo, and Barrio. That's pretty much all I ate or drank for two months while editing and mixing this thing.


Thanks to my mother for her support, belief, and nurturing kindness, and to my dad for his strength, humor, and colorfully expressive nature. I'd like to thank my brother Jay for corrupting my youth, exposing me to good music, and for starting me on the most expensive path that began with the Squier Stratocaster he gave me when I was 19. My brother Matt for his musical critiques. And thanks to Phil for his unwavering loyalty and friendship.

Lastly, thanks to my small network of friends for their acceptance of my full-frontal humor, darkness, morbidity, and anti-social ways. Perhaps one day, we can construct a carousel of tandem nooses and begin the journey into oblivion together. A thing of beauty as we lifelessly swing in unison... A human mobile hanging over the open-mouthed cradle of death, as the grey child of eternity gazes upon us from beneath. Before drifting into blackness, we can stare back into the wide-eyed pupils of forever and learn all of its secrets. All of its truth. As the calm washes over us and eases our motion into quiet stillness, we can welcome the paralyzed, tranquil silence of finality and rest together peacefully as one.


released December 3, 2016

Dominic Ricciardi; Bass, Guitar, Synth, Vox
Nathan Weekley: Guitars, Vox
Matt Downey: Drums

All songs recorded and mixed at KOSS Music Studios in Lorain, Ohio. (except the drums on For The Birds recorded by Jerome Clatot)



all rights reserved


Flannel Response Cleveland, Ohio

Flannel Response style morphs—from Gregorian Chant to Heavy Metal to Jam Band to Prog Rock to Eastern European to Country to Dixieland Jazz and the strange things in between. We try to take interesting aspects from these musical ideas and meld them into a super genre of music.

We love to play live because every show is different.

Flannel Response frequently practices with animal heads on.
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Track Name: Chant
Track Name: Osiris
Oh god Osiris
Guide us
Through the afterlife

Laying in the tomb
my organs in jars
I am surrounded by protectors a clay army of guards
Embalmed as I am I need only wait for soon he is coming to open my gate

My heart must be light in the scales of judgement
If I fail my soul is devoured
By the crocodile headed goddess
Oh lord of the underworld
grant us safe passage from this life to the next.

Light or heavy
The time now. Conduct my soul unto the field of celestial offerings.

The scales tip. Ka BA Ahk.
Aligned with the stars the skys open, the dimension comes fourth. Light emits from my soul as I explode.
Track Name: Numbar 19 / Son of 19
Back to the start and you have been reset.
Years upon years are lost with no regret.
Remember how you really can forget?
You and I know, You and I know

You are not alive
You can never die
You can never die

You found out the reason there is no remorse.
centuries found of data to restore.
A thousand lives lived in 1 life form
You and I know, You and I know

You are not alive
You can never die
You can never die